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Start Up Assistance

Brands2life is India’s best PR firm for startups. If you’re a Start-Up and looking for assistance look no more. We can help you at all stages of your start-up journey, right from incorporation to investor relations. If you have a great idea we have all that you need. We can help you grow from scratch to sky.

Our Services include Mentoring, Concept development, Documentation, Pitch deck and valuations, Media and marketing Support, Funding and investor relations.

Every startup has a dream to turn big for which they need mentoring and the right communication that draws the attention of the investors to further boost them with funding. It is easier said than done, however. Many startups fail to raise funds for the simple reason that they are not able to explain the prospects and provide the right kind of communication to the prospective investor. Before reaching the investor, startups need the right approach which helps them in creating a better valuation.

Benefits Of Services

Brands2life offers various solutions to startups which are looking to expand exponentially. Be it the concept stage or the series stage our services full-proof everything for you. Our strategies ensure that your brand is valued right and gets the desired attention from investors.

We have a separate team which strongly works to assist you right from the beginning. Whatever services are needed be it communication, strategy, concept development, PR, Digital Media, Fundraising, etc. We have enabled various startups to raise millions in funding from various investors.